About Us

          INNOVIOR. was established in 2012 as a furniture distribution company servicing independent stores.We swiftly expanded our operations to include thirteen distribution points across North America and multiple warehouses located internationally.

          Alongside our thriving distribution infrastructure, we research, design and implement original furniture lines. This allows us to predict trends in the industry and excel within the marketplace by providing high quality products at a competitive price point. 

         INNOVIOR is proud to boast of many successes within both the wholesale and e-commerce marketplaces.Currently, we hold multiple warehouse locations as housing for our sales and service teams with additional access to warehouses across the country. As the e-commerce market emerged, INNOVIOR pursued the establishment of a viable drop-ship business by partnering with expansive retailers who had an online presence. INNOVIOR utilized the capabilities of partner factories, enabling us to expand our furniture lines and create designs that would stand out in the e-commerce world.

          In summation, INNOVIOR Furniture has the resources for in-house design, flowing containers, and international or domestic warehouse distribution, making us a flexible and instrumental partner in this fast-paced industry.